"—But the outside is hot, and full of people.

          I’d rather stay in here. And sleep, and at ice cream.”

Extremely underage muns writing smut with muns of age on my dash.



So, I finally reached 200 followers! As a way to thank all the amazing people who follow me for some unknown reason, I’ve decided to a little follow forever! Everyone on here is people I stalk, inspire me as a writer, or simply loving seeing on my dash. This people are truly wonderful and deserve all the love in the world for their spot on portrayals. 

And if you’re not on here, don’t feel bad. Okay? Seriously. I love you all to bits and cannot express enough how much you guys courage me as a writer. 

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    “You better have a good reason for waking me up.

           On a Saturday.”

// So there’s a shooting actively happening ten minutes away from my house. 

I am not alright wi t h th i s.


         ”Besides, you’re the one who ordered the tequila.”

    "Well, I didn’t think we were going to drink the whole bottle.”

(Source: kathystarkpeople)


// Kathy is that girl that goes to the football games and screams and cusses. 





Anonymous asked: I really hate you

   "That’s fine.

        I love me enough for both of us.”